LYTT: Making the invisible, visible Transforming decision making by turning sensor data into contextual and continuous insights

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Don't operate in the dark

With LYTT’s ground-breaking, real-time software and data analytics solutions, you never have to again.

Drawing on advances in AI, machine learning and cloud-based computing, LYTT’s proven software applications harness the power of sensor data to allow customers to make better operational decisions – faster.

Founded in the oil and gas sector, our real-time analytics solutions are applicable across a host of industries, such as wind and security, and help unlock millions of dollars in additional value to drive customer digitalisation journeys.

Take a look at our solutions page to see how we can help you make full use of your data and make the invisible, visible.

Big data needs big ideas

Digitalisation across industries means more sensors generating more data. However, the sheer quantity of data produced means that, all too often, the potential for deriving valuable insights goes unrealised.

But LYTT’s expert team of engineers and data scientists has found a unique way to solve this big data challenge.

Our patented data collection and pattern recognition technology combines AI, machine learning and physics-based models to turn terabytes of data into kilobytes of actionable insights in a matter of seconds, allowing you to stream and access the most useful information directly from your workstation.

With more than 100 patent applications filed, our proprietary solutions are transforming the way businesses leverage their sensor data and use the output to drive productivity.

Find out more about how we do it on our technology page.


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