Choose to challenge at LYTT in support of International Women's Day. Part I

Carina Correia, Head of Marketing, March 08 2021

LYTT was founded to help solve some of the challenges associated with turning big data from fiber optic cable into valuable business insights. So, when we found out that this year’s International Women’s Day (IWD) is all about celebrating the idea of challenge to make change, we knew exactly what to do: ask our incredible team for their opinion.

In honour of IWD’s #choosetochallenge hashtag, therefore, we asked people to tell us why they believe gender equality and diversity of all kinds matter – in life and business. And because we know role models are so important, particularly when it comes to encouraging young girls and women to consider science and engineering careers, we also asked them to tell us who has inspired them along the way. Like our team, the answers are diverse and fascinating.

Daryn Edgar, Chief Executive Officer

My female* role model is: I have many; not limited to Michelle Obama, Arianna Huffington, Madeline Albright.

Gender equality and diversity matter because: gender equality provides opportunities for men and women to make more choices for the important things in their lives. More choice for all comes from moving towards gender equality. In business, better quality decisions come from having more diversity across our workforce.

Lilia Noble, Technical Product Owner

My female role model is: Valentina Tereshkova, engineer, cosmonaut and member of the Russian State Duma.

Gender equality and diversity matter because: gender equality means that my knowledge, experience and opinions are equally valued within a team. It allows me to know that there are no limits to my ambitions and visions. As individuals we all have different experiences, knowledge and views. It is only logical to ensure that we benefit from this diversity of views and opinions. A gender-equal team is more united and productive. Equality empowers teams to strive for higher goals and ambitions and allows for increased innovation and growth.

Henrique Rodrigues, DevOps Engineer

My female role model is: my wife. She does good by herself and others and I'm always learning with her to see the world through different eyes. Not only my wife's eyes, but half the world's eyes.

Gender equality and diversity matter because: not only do I think diversity is needed to challenge the status quo and move business to the next level, but I also think it's a matter of human decency to provide equal opportunity to everyone. It's hard to believe that we're still debating if half of the world's population should be treated fairly. At a pure business level, a more diverse workforce brings more ideas and new ways to innovate. It also brings new ways of thinking on a day-to-day basis and how companies should treat all employees, no matter their background. Having equality of opportunity means more people can participate, which in turns bring new ideas. It’s a positive feedback loop.

Shenelle Kelleher, Team Assistant

My female role model is: Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel, French fashion designer who has made a serious contribution in implementing them amongst the wide female audience as a chic element in their wardrobe.

Gender equality and diversity matter because: every individual should be treated fairly and equally. It leads to productivity improvements, a variety of perspectives and promotes an inclusive environment.

Sebastien Soulas, Senior Advisor Borehole Geophysics

My female role model is: Angela Merkel, who led 80 million Germans for 18 years with competence, skill, dedication and sincerity.

Gender equality and diversity matter because: we are human being so we should all be treated equally. In a business sense, it helps increase the creativity and innovation in our team and have different point of views.

Prad Thiruvenkatanathan, Co-founder and Chief Technology and Product Officer

My female role model is: Marie Curie was a physicist and chemist who conducted pioneering research on radioactivity.

Gender equality and diversity matter because: it leads to a more productive and happier community. I believe diversity of all types (gender, race, sexual identity, etc) benefits not just businesses but society as a whole. I have seen diverse teams be far more productive as people bring different perspectives to the table. That often translates into innovative and smarter solutions.

Aluka Osakwe, Operations engineer

My female role model is: all hardworking women.

Gender equality and diversity matter because: gender equality ensures that women do not face discrimination or limitations in accessing opportunities. This is a basic human right. In business, it encourages creativity and a wider perspective in delivering solutions.

Andy Rees, Chief Operating Officer

My female role model is: Kirsty Wark, a British journalist, newsreader and television presenter.

Gender equality and diversity matter because: we have a moral imperative to treat everyone equally and fairly. Diversity of thought and ideas is increased through having gender balance in decision making. It’s enriching for all to have the opportunity to learn from people with different backgrounds.

Glynn Lockyer, Business Development Manager

My female role model is: Jessica Ennis-Hill, a British former track and field athlete from England, specialising in multi-eventing disciplines and 100 metres hurdles. As a competitor in heptathlon, she is the 2012 Olympic champion, a three-time world champion (2009, 2011, 2015), and the 2010 European champion.

Gender equality and diversity matter because: it improves working dynamics, increases diversity of opinions and sales and creates a happier workplace. 

Tommy Langnes, Co-founder and Head of Business Development

My female role model is: Gro Harlem Brundtland, Norway’s first female prime minister and former Director-General of the World Health Organization

Gender equality and diversity matter because: gender equality creates equal opportunities for everyone and it empowers women in decision making. Diversity in all its forms brings a broader range of skills and ideas and better decision making.

James Ramsay, Product Owner

My female role model is: Serena Williams, an American professional tennis player and former world No. 1 in women's single tennis.

Gender equality and diversity matter because: diverse teams are more innovative.

Alberto Mendoza, Operate and Sustain Engineer

My female role model is: Grace Hopper, an American computer scientist and United States Navy rear admiral.

Gender equality and diversity matter because: it brings balance and diversity, as well as increased collaboration and efficiency. Everyone is in the same boat.

Look out for our next post in which we’ll be talking to our talent manager Shaun Roberts, Talent Manager at LYTT to get his answers to these questions. We’ll also find out more about the actions LYTT is taking to support diversity and inclusion – in all its forms – across the business.

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