Interview with Alessandro Delfino, Data Scientist at LYTT

Alessandro Delfino, November 03 2021

What inspires you about working for LYTT?

As a Data Scientist, the best part of working for LYTT is that the job is never boring. Every week we have the opportunity to work with new datasets and we have to develop new algorithms.

What are your LYTT highlights?

My highLYTT (we always love a good pun here) is that time when our algorithm passed a customer blind test with 100% recognition rate. We often get our algorithms tested by the customer in a blind test:  a test where the customer withholds the ground truth from a test dataset and asks us to provide insights. It can be quite stressful. Achieving a perfect score is extremely rare (in any context) but when it happens, it’s very rewarding.

What are the challenges of working for LYTT?

Adapting to new problems. In one week we might have to deliver a product for the oil & gas industry and the next week we are asked to give insights to utility companies on a completely different dataset and use case. You need to be fast in changing your mindset every day.

What was your dream job as a child? 

I don’t really remember but I’ve always been a big football fan so probably a football player. To be honest, it still is my dream job even though I’m 37, slightly overweight and terrible at it.

Tell me something interesting about you?

When I moved to the UK, I missed the good simple Italian food I got at home so I started cooking. I love it and I think I’ve gotten quite good at it.

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