Interview with Basil, Commercial Director at LYTT

Basil Zafiropoulos, November 03 2021

What inspires you about working for LYTT?

Being surrounded by really smart people doing incredible things makes LYTT a great place to work. In particular, I enjoy that no two days look the same.

What are your LYTT highlights?

Being around when we hit our first external sale was a really validating experience. All the hard work felt like it had finally paid off!

What are the challenges of working for LYTT?

We are trying to do so many things for the first time and so it can be challenging to navigate, especially in an industry which is already so mature and not always open to start-ups.

What was your dream job as a child?

I always wanted to either be a vet, as I love animals, or an actor. Hard to believe given where I have ended up, although I enjoy what I do!

Tell me something interesting about you?

When I was at school I got to meet Nelson Mandela and shake his hand. I remember telling my mom I would never wash my hand again - don’t worry, I have actually washed my hands since I was 7 years old!

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