Interview with Lilia Noble, Product Lead at LYTT

Lilia Noble, November 03 2021

Interview with Lilia Noble, Product Lead at LYTT

What inspires you about working for LYTT?

There are many things that inspire me about working at LYTT. Probably, the most exciting aspect is the technology itself. At LYTT we use machine learning, first principal physics, A.I. and cloud computing to help to convert raw sensor data into insights and help our customers to make informed decisions. There is great potential to apply our technology across a variety of industries, offering solutions where there were none before. Another inspiring component of working for LYTT for me are my colleagues. Their genuine commitment to the success of the company, ability and willingness to solve any problems, however complex, and readiness to support and help others really motivates me.

What are your LYTT highlights?

Within a relatively short period of time of working for LYTT, I was given an opportunity to progress my skills and try turn my hand to different types of roles, starting from well integrity operations engineer where I analyzed fiber data for well integrity purposes, through to product ownership of LYTT’s sensor visualization platform. It excites me to be involved in many aspects of company operations, often outside of my core responsibilities, where I can be part of other products development, design, sales, marketing and recruitment. All these mean that I am continuously learning and developing my skills. I enjoy the level of responsibility and freedom that I have, shaping the product to provide the best solutions to our customers.

What are the challenges of working for LYTT?

Being a startup, we are often limited in the amount of resources we have access to, resulting in more multi-tasking and multi-skilling. Though rewarding, the continuous fast pace of change is also challenging. At times this would mean leaving what you are working on to complete a more urgent project.

What was your dream job as a child?

I wanted to be a ballet dancer.

Tell me something interesting about you?

I spent the first 6 years of my career on oil platforms in the North Sea, which taught me emergency survival skills, resilience, stress-handling, problem-solving and empathy towards my colleagues.


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