Do what you do best, better: How LYTT’s Production Interference Solution enables field-wide efficiency for unconventionals

Ricardo Margarido, Data Scientist and Jesse Burgr, Project Development at LYTT, November 15 2022

For unconventional oil and gas operators, finding quicker, cost-effective ways to optimize production is a commercial imperative. Drilling and completing unconventional wells creates vast economic pressure to optimize reservoir drainage and maximize production. Reducing the time and capital required for this process is particularly important amid the volatile pricing landscape seen this past year. 

Production monitoring allows operators to achieve a better understanding of their unconventional wells, enabling them to optimize field architecture, limit fracture connectivity, and deplete unconventional reservoirs at their maximum performance potential. However in traditional data acquisition service models, operators only have a partial view of their data, inhibiting their ability to make independent, informed decisions. 

LYTT provides operators with access to their visualized data empowering the organization to do what it does best, and maximize recovery, better. Our Production Interference application analyzes Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) and Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) data captured using temporarily or permanently installed fiber optic cable, provided by any service provider. These insights can inform a greater understanding of field architecture, enabling engineers to accurately assess and improve unconventional pad design and increase return on investment.  


Shots in the dark 

Fracture connectivity and potential cannibalization of product between wells can negatively impact the reliability of returns. With restricted access to their own historical data, operators are often left working in the dark. They aren’t easily able to access previous learnings to optimally design well layout, perforation cluster spacing, and operational procedures to limit interconnectivity and maximize profitability. Operating with this lack of visibility may result in suboptimal changes, which could hamper production. 

The industry requires a production interference solution that delivers actionable insights directly into the hands of engineering teams. Platforms that connect operators with their reservoir diagnostics can empower them to accurately discern the relationship between their wells, identify areas of interconnectivity, and inform both well-specific and site-wide strategies.  


Shedding light on the subsurface 

Using LYTT’s in-house platform solution, LYTT LYVEand spotLYTT, operators can identify inconsistencies in cluster productivity and areas of fracture connectivity between wells, providing visibility of what is happening in the subsurface. LYTT’s Production Interference Solution is able to establish a well’s steady state, determine fluid composition at perforation level, and quantify the flow profile from well to perforation clusters. These results can be achieved by inserting a wireline temporarily during well intervention, or through continuous production monitoring using permanently installed fiber cable. 

Engineers can integrate the insights on the depth and location of any well interconnectivity on pad to review the design, geology, and spacing of their wells and stages, as well as modifying their approach for optimum extraction. This could streamline operations by decreasing the number of stages within the wells, variation of volumes or timescales during fracking, or the avoidance of existing fracture networks in the geology that might impact production efficiency. 


Supercharging strategies 

LYTT’s Production Interference Solution provides a means for unconventional oil and gas operators to achieve site-wide optimization, through enhanced field architecture strategy and improved identification of well interconnectivity. 

Empowering our customers with full visibility of their frac data enables them to interpret insights, revise their operational practices, and supercharge the productivity and profitability of their assets. 

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