How LYTT’s technology empowers water utilities to address leaks with real-time sensor insights

Ian Setterfield and Glynn Lockyer, LYTT, August 31 2022

Accurately identifying and remedying leaks is of the utmost importance for water utilities as the fallout from loss of containment exposes them to negative press coverage, souring public sentiment, and can lead to sizeable fines.

In an effort to gain greater operational insights to improve leak detection, water utilities have invested in technological solutions, particularly point sensors. These sensors have helped provide some operational visibility but have only had moderate success due to their restricted network coverage and range. Existing Event Duration Monitoring (EDM) systems are also unable to pinpoint individual leak locations, or their volumes, classifications, or inflow rates.

Water companies need innovative solutions that can leverage their existing sensors while also making use of new hardware and software technologies to unlock the operational insights they need to understand exactly what is happening on their systems at any given time.

Originally created to address challenges in the Oil & Gas sector, LYTT’s sensor-fusion analytics platform has been widely deployed and has helped unlock hundreds of millions of dollars in additional value to customers globally. Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) driven applications provide real-time, 24/7 sensor data insights to enable customers to monitor, and pro-actively manage, their operations. LYTT has now expanded its offering to the water sector, enabling water utilities to benefit from the R&D investments made in Oil & Gas and leverage operational visibility gains for themselves.

LYTT can extract data from existing point sensors and blend them with data from fiber optic cables temporarily deployed in water systems to derive connected and actionable insights. Adopting LYTT’s sensor fusion solution allows for the intelligent processing of multiple streams of sensor data, which in turn expands operational visibility and improves the quality of the available insights to make informed decisions. This empowers water utilities to better manage loss of containment and to identify the precise location, and magnitude, of leaks.

LYTT’s end-to-end offering delivers visualized insights which can easily be understood, even for teams without advanced data skills. Our intelligent data streaming function extracts smart features from huge volumes of data with no loss of fidelity. These smart features transfer directly to our cloud-based data management system which processes the sensor data using ML and AI. The visualization dashboard transforms this data into insights which operators can use in real-time to inform their decision-making, with no digital upskilling required.

LYTT is committed to providing real-time, actionable insights to water utilities to help them accurately locate leaks. With LYTT’s support, water utilities can access meaningful insights to help them improve water operations – getting themselves out of the headlines, and back into positive standing with their communities. We’re looking forward to sharing findings from a water project soon.

To learn more about how LYTT’s solutions can help you gain greater visibility of your network, establish targeted and effective maintenance campaigns and reduce non-revenue water, please use the button below to book a discovery session.



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