Interview with Katherine Griffis, Contracts Manager at LYTT

Katherine Griffis, Contracts Manager at LYTT, October 04 2022

What inspires you about working for LYTT?   

Every day, I handle new and different aspects of creating client and vendor contracts, NDAs, mutual contracts, and so forth, so no two days are ever the same. 


What are your LYTT highlights?   

Working with such a generous and responsive staff: always makes my job easy and we accomplish so much working together. 


What are the challenges of working for LYTT?   

My main challenge has been to coordinate my contract and procurement functions into a simple and smooth process.  By October of this year, that will become a reality as I am developing some incredible databases for that. 


What was your dream job as a child?   

I always wanted to be an archaeologist, mainly an Egyptologist.  I have achieved that goal (it is my second profession), as I am in the final stages of my doctorate at Oxford.  My interest in law was my second goal, and thus my work in contracts is fulfilment of that goal as well. 


Tell me something interesting about you.   

Due to my work in Egyptology, I speak Arabic (three dialects), as well as German.  I can read French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and am working on learning Polish - all due to the fact that many publications in Egyptology are written in those languages.  I enjoy learning languages and am able to ready hieroglyphs due to my interests in Egyptology. 

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