Looking back, moving forward: Digitizing historical fiber data to boost production in Unconventional Oil & Gas

Tim Morrish and Ronald Quintero, LYTT, October 19 2022

Unconventional oil and gas is increasingly important to the future global energy mix as conventional hydrocarbon sources dwindle. Unconventionals are expected to play a key role in the US clean energy future, while Europe is reconsidering its restrictions on fracking to bolster its strained energy security.

With fracking costs high and production efficiencies hard to estimate, operational visibility is important in order to take full advantage of renewed demand. However, establishing this visibility, best achieved through fiber data analysis, has been a persistent challenge.

Many operators have terabytes of unused historical fiber data, which can provide years' worth of valuable operational insights. Underutilizing this data is preventing operators from learning from their past asset performance and behavior. While often overlooked, leveraging historical data is a quick and effective way to propel the current and future performance of unconventional wells.

LYTT operates at the forefront of technological advancements to help the O&G industry, including unconventionals, to overcome the big data challenge. Our Data Library solution harnesses and visualizes historical Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) and Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) data; unlocking the operational insights of the past to better understand unconventional reservoir conditions, and improve production strategies in the present and future.


Data volumes – too much to handle

O&G’s difficulty in utilizing historical fiber data stems from long-standing challenges in streaming, storing, and visualizing the massive amounts of data. Historically, streaming these volumes via a standard internet connection just wasn’t possible for analysis. As such this information has been largely left to gather dust in hard drives, with its considerable value to the industry locked away.

Starving operators of these critical insights can disadvantage their operational decision-making, leading to sub-optimal maintenance and procurement strategies for unconventional gas wells. Without these insights, it is not possible to get a complete understanding of an issue, resulting in ineffective remediation, and unnecessary downtime, which can negatively impact well efficiency and production, and compromise potential returns.


A library in the Cloud

LYTT’s Data Library Solution brings historical fiber data to life. It provides a secure, cloud-based storage system which can house and intuitively visualize petabytes of historical DAS and DTS data.

LYTT’s Data Library democratizes historical fiber data by hosting it digitally. Teams across different assets and geographies are empowered to view and interact with past fiber data and significantly enhance their operational visibility. Furthermore, it creates the opportunity to feed into future developments like digital twins and asset automation models for enhanced production optimization.


Using the past, in the present, for the future

The Data Library enables historical fiber data to contribute to operational understanding and inform optimized field architecture strategies today. Visualizing your historical DAS and DTS data is the first step in making your fiber data work for you. Once empowered with this data, you can look to draw additional insights using LYTT’s applications suite.

For example, operators can fortify their production strategies by comparing current well challenges with their historical data within LYTT’s platform to identify, understand, and resolve issues like production interference that impact asset efficiency.

As a cloud system, LYTT’s technology is quickly and cost-effectively deployed and doesn’t require intervention. Operators can trim down their timelines to rapidly begin utilizing historical data to unlock production gains.

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