LYTT Launches Industrial AI Platform

LYTT, March 15 2023

LYTT, an industrially proven provider of real-time sensor analytics software, has announced the launch of their latest product - an Industrial AI Sensor Platform designed to help businesses in the energy and utilities sectors generate smarter insights, accelerate operational value, and monetize sensor data.

LYTT’s Industrial AI Sensor Platform is built to help businesses leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, and derive valuable insights from sensor data in real-time. By combining cutting-edge sensor technology with advanced analytics capabilities, the platform empowers businesses to optimize their operations, reduce costs, shorten the development cycle and ultimately; improve their bottom line.

"Many enterprises generate massive amounts of sensor data, but can struggle to turn that data into actionable insights," said Pedro Vale, CTO at LYTT. "Our Industrial AI Sensor Platform is here to change that. We want to address the big data challenge by building on the value of our industrially proven solutions. We believe that by providing businesses with the tools needed to solve complex challenges, they can extract maximum value from their data and drive operational excellence.”

The platform offers a range of features, including:

  • Sensor fusion
  • 3rd Party model deployment
  • 3rd Party model development
  • Integration
  • Self-Learning models
  • Flexible and fast deployment options, supporting cloud, edge, and hybrid.

With the launch of this platform, LYTT takes a major step forward in their commitment to transforming the big data landscape. LYTT’s Industrial AI Platform is set to revolutionize how businesses in the industrial space operate, providing them with unprecedented visibility into their operations, and driving greater efficiency and profitability.

"Our new platform helps businesses stay ahead of the competition by generating smarter insights and accelerating operational value," said Tommy Langnes, Co-Founder and Chief Business Development Officer at LYTT. "Through collaborating with us, businesses can take advantage of a truly scalable platform and begin to monetize their sensor data.”

LYTT is a leading analytics platform provider on a mission to transform the big data landscape, helping businesses of all sizes to utilize innovative solutions and stay ahead of the competition. With LYTT’s real-time operational visibility, businesses can increase efficiency, decrease cost and mitigate risk.

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