Rewarding initiative with empowerment: My career journey at LYTT

Basil Zafiropoulos, Commercial Director, LYTT, March 31 2022

Basil Zafiropoulos, Commercial Director, LYTT, discusses his experience of being a leader in a rapidly expanding technology business, and taking charge of his own career

I joined LYTT two and a half years ago as employee number 22, when the business was in its early stages of development. Since then, the challenges faced by our customers have become even more complex and their need for real-time, digital solutions has grown dramatically – inciting a fast-paced scaling of LYTT as a business, with myself as its commercial lead.

I entered the business as Head of Finance, and rapidly progressed to Commercial Director to help shape the company’s future; a professional leap I was encouraged to take by LYTT’s supportive leadership team. The team’s commitment to empowering its people to shape their roles and take ownership of their professional progression is something I have rarely found elsewhere in my career, and which I value greatly.

Now as a member of LYTT’s leadership team myself, I’m pleased to share my career experience and uphold the same supportive culture for the current team, as well as those prospective colleagues yet to join the company.

A career without limits

I take pride in my work and the meaningful impact it generates. I started my career with one of the Big Four accounting consultancies and have since worked in other large corporations, leading teams and helping businesses take control of their finances. I quickly realized that individual impact diminished with the scale of the business, so much so that even the decisions of a Director did not significantly affect the long-term trajectory of such organizations. For this reason, I made the strategic decision to join a smaller, more agile company where I could make a real difference.

I joined LYTT at a critical juncture in its start-up journey, recognizing the chance to have a direct impact on the company as it took shape. The work was varied, challenging, and essential to business success. There were fundraising drives to support and investors to report to, and many other areas where I had the opportunity to take on new responsibilities and wear different hats.

The dynamic nature of the business got me out of my comfort zone, empowered me to expand my sphere of responsibility and allowed me to grow the scope of my role to what it is today – a move encouraged by LYTT’s leadership. I am now directly involved in setting the company’s strategy and steering the business’ overall direction across people management, financial controllership, and commercial planning.

A springboard for growth

My ambition to grow myself and my role, coupled with the freedom and encouragement offered to me by LYTT’s senior leadership, enabled me to fast-track my career. My story is not unique within LYTT; the company nurtures people with a growth mindset who are willing to stretch themselves and get stuck in – and rewards them with the autonomy to drive their own professional journeys.

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