Succeeding as our whole selves: the importance of Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion at LYTT

Nicole Marshall-Mclaughlin, People and Talent Director, LYTT , November 23 2022

The business case for diversity, equality and inclusion is well documented, with hundreds of studies demonstrating that diverse companies are more likely to outperform their competitors, enjoy higher revenue, experience better decision making, sponsor creativity and innovation, and have lower staff turnover than their non-diverse competitors.

Putting the business case aside, organizations are fundamentally microcosms of society - societies are diverse, and thus so should organizations be. Organizations that are reflective of those they seek to serve and enable, are better able to do so. By ensuring equality of access, companies have an opportunity to increase social mobility for wider society. To me, this plays an important role in corporate social responsibility.

With this in mind, DE&I is the cornerstone of what we’re striving to create at LYTT. It’s clear that DE&I is not a ‘nice to have’, but a central component of company culture and strategy. Greater diversity leads to greater variety of thought. When enabled and harnessed, this leads to innovative idea generation - making us at LYTT more successful.

Why me

I’m a proud member of two typically under-represented groups, and know what it’s like to be the only person who looks like me in a room. Prior to coming to LYTT, I have felt unseen and unheard and crucially, experienced how this impacted my performance. I am fortunate to know what the reverse is like too; how it feels to not only be seen and heard, but encouraged and empowered to be my authentic self. I have seen how this inclusivity impacted my sense of belonging, commitment and ultimately, performance.

Many of us feel forced to leave part of ourselves at home while we work, picking it back up over the weekend, and placing it neatly back on a shelf on following Monday. My goal is to create a company culture where everyone can be their whole self, the whole time and reflect the people we empower with our platform’s insights,

I am motivated by impact and I thrive in roles where I can combine my skills with the power of people, to formulate welcoming and empowering company cultures that make people feel they truly belong; a sense of belonging fosters commitment, engagement and makes LYTT all the more successful.

What does DE&I mean to LYTT

Our beliefs influence how we see the world. With a company culture based on DE&I, businesses can embrace, encourage, and celebrate their society and improve their engagement with staff and customers.

When I joined LYTT, it already represented 11 different nationalities. With employees in the UK, Portugal, Norway, Canada and the US, the team was already rich in cultural diversity. Our gender split has also been as high as 54:46 male to female this year, bucking the trend for a company in Tech. But I, and LYTT, won’t be stopping there. We must be ever focused and intentional in striving for representation – it is a forever endeavor.

To ensure we continue to evolve, I launched the LYTT DE&I Committee. The cross-functional group represents different genders, ethnic groups and nationalities and is charged with establishing a cadence of open, impactful engagements. These engagements seek to not only elevate and celebrate diversity, but drive action to improve culture and commitment across every facet of the business. Together, we explore what DE&I means to our team, align our cultural transformation, and collaborate on how we can best showcase and celebrate the richness of representation that LYTT already projects.

A great time to join LYTT!

LYTT is a rapidly growing, purpose-driven organization operating at the cutting-edge of technical innovation where driven and curious professionals can thrive. Joining a company at this stage in its lifecycle means you can experience a scale up journey and make a genuine contribution towards its success, culture, and strategic direction. We offer proactive and passionate recruits the opportunity to accelerate their learning and develop their skillsets in a rapidly scaling business.

LYTT is advertising multiple vacancies across data science, product development, and business management, to grow and equip the team. Visit our careers page to learn more about what opportunities await you at LYTT.


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