Build Your Own Acoustic Pattern Recognition Models Using LYTT’s Patented Acoustic Feature Set

Glynn Lockyer, Sales Lead & Visionary, LYTT, November 14 2023

Build Your Own Acoustic Pattern Recognition Models Using LYTT’s Patented Acoustic Feature Set

LYTT’s customers are designing their own acoustic pattern recognition models using LYTT’s unique set of acoustic building blocks, and LYTT’s user-friendly Machine Learning application builder; spotLYTT™.

Over the last decade LYTT has invested millions of dollars in analyzing and isolating the acoustic patterns related to fluid and solids transport in pipe transmission networks. From the vast oilfields of Azerbaijan to the fjords of Norway, via India’s industrial heartland and the green fields of Hertfordshire in England, LYTT has invested tens of thousands of hours in isolating the acoustic fingerprints that identify fluid phase and flow, solids transport, and the early signs of fatigue that can lead to catastrophic failures.

Fibre-optic cables have transformed how we monitor our industrial and subsurface assets.  The transformation of fibre-optic infrastructure into high-resolution networks of acoustic sensors is changing the way we manage and optimize our asset performance.

From this ocean of acoustic data LYTT has been designing and building models using the LYTT LYVE™ platform and pattern recognition engine. Our models accurately predict events and changes in operating conditions that generate hundreds of millions of dollars every year for our customers.

But now LYTT’s customers can use the LYTT LYVE™ platform to build their own bespoke models for the challenges that are unique to them. Enabling rapid solution development that can be trialed and tested in real-time, and constantly enhanced to deliver long-term commercial value.

LYTT has identified the acoustic features and building blocks that are the foundation of all acoustic event detection applications. From the condition of a transmission pipeline to the health of a series of rotating machines, LYTT’s platform is being used to build models that have real business impact.

Whether you build your own or develop the model hand-in-hand with LYTT, let us help you build a platform that will optimize your assets using insights from fibre-optic sensing and the LYTT LYVE™ pattern recognition engine.

For more information on how you can start extracting insights and value from fibre-optic sensing and acoustic data, please contact [email protected].

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