LYTT’s next-generation Carbon Capture Storage (CCS) solution leverages existing fiber infrastructure to provide real-time, continuous CO2 monitoring and volume assurance insights across the value chain.

Our proven, cloud-based technology can be deployed and operated remotely, helping to limit HSE exposure risk while maximizing efficiency.


LYTT is optimizing CO2 transport and well injection efficiency to help businesses run tight operating windows and achieve cost-effective operations. We link volume measurements to conformance checks at flow unit level within each reservoir layer, providing unprecedented insights from capture to storage.


We provide continuous wellbore containment monitoring to maintain safe operating conditions during CO2 injection operations and meeting regulatory requirements. Our CO2 insights help build trust by demonstrating that operations are safe for people and the environment.


LYTT's CCS seismic solution is designed to ensure that CO2 injected into the wider reservoir is contained safely. It detects changes in fluid properties in a 2D plane and tracks fluid progression on demand, enabling a deeper understanding of CO2 volume. It also provides end-to-end active and passive seismic monitoring.




Our customers' primary concern is to achieve results, fast. Below is an overview of the LYTT customer journey that starts with us understanding your specific pain points, then demonstrating the ability of our solutions to address your unique business challenges and ultimately fast-tracking the deployment of our solutions to deliver significant operational value. 

First engagement

  • Book a demo using button below
  • Discovery workshop to explore business challenges and to align on objectives
  • Proposal to deliver PoV

Proof of value

  • Validate solution feasibility to address your business needs
  • Deliver results that make an immediate operational impact
  • Help build internal business case


  • Demonstrate solution value for your asset operations
  • Validate solution integration
  • Help build internal business case for scaling the solution


  • Full system implementation with actionable insights delivered in real-time
  • Enhanced workflows resulting in improved operational efficiency
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