LYTT transforms sensor, including fiber optic, data into real-time insights that enable Water Utilities to monitor, and pro-actively manage, their systems. This enhanced visibility enables decreased operational cost, improved network management and faster identification, and remediation, of leaks.

LYTT and its partners deploy a unique fiber solution into water systems to extract measurements along the complete length of the pipe.


LYTT offers a cost-effective, fiber-enabled solution that helps monitor flow behavior and volumes. LYTT's real-time sensor analytics solution provides customers with the tools needed to successfully manage water & sewage transportation, helping to reduce operational cost and improve asset optimization.


LYTT offers water and system integrity monitoring enabling real-time, accurate pipe leak detection diagnostics in sewage, water and storm water pipes. This visibility helps companies establish targeted and effective maintenance campaigns, reduce non-revenue water (NRW) and prevent sewage contamination.




Our customers' primary concern is to achieve results, fast. Below is an overview of the LYTT customer journey that starts with us understanding your specific pain points, then demonstrating the ability of our solutions to address your unique business challenges and ultimately fast-tracking the deployment of our solutions to deliver significant operational value. 

First engagement

  • Book a demo using button below
  • Discovery workshop to explore business challenges and to align on objectives
  • Proposal to deliver PoV

Proof of value

  • Validate solution feasibility to address your business needs
  • Deliver results that make an immediate operational impact
  • Help build internal business case


  • Demonstrate solution value for your asset operations
  • Validate solution integration
  • Help build internal business case for scaling the solution


  • Full system implementation with actionable insights delivered in real-time
  • Enhanced workflows resulting in improved operational efficiency
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